Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finally an update!!

So. It's been a very long time since I've updated this thing. I haven't had a laptop and I don't like typing lengthy posts on an ipad. And I have 4 busy kids. Those are good excuses right? I'll give a quick update on them and then try hard to be more diligent at keeping this thing updated.

 Let's start with Marley. Holy cow does this girl make me proud! Super student....check. Super softball player...check. Super daughter....check. She is such a good little kid. She is nearing the end of 2nd grade which is so hard for me to believe. She recently made it into the Spelling Bee at her school and came in 2nd out of her entire class. She does very well in school, always making good grades and getting wonderful remarks from her teachers. She is still pretty shy and uses her siblings' outgoing personalities in her favor a lot of times. She is also still playing softball and doing so well. She is incredibly focused and has a real passion for this sport. She has really developed as a player and just loves her teammates. Marley has always been such a good kid. Teachers and coaches have always told me they wish they had 20 Marley's, and she's continuing this trend thus far. I thank God every day for giving her to me.

Marissa. Oh, the queen of sass. Talk about a smart, sassy, full of spunk little girl. She is tiny in size but very big in personality. She is still very hot and cold. Either super happy or just stay away from her. She is the most attached to me and will still rarely leave my side. The other two are getting a little tired of constantly being at softball with Marley and will stay at my mom's house, but not this one. She is my little shadow. She is doing very good in preschool and is excited to start Kindergarten soon. She is so smart and her teachers just love her. I have told them when they turn 5 they can each choose a sport to try and as of now she is wanting to play softball like her big sister. She is still a bad sleeper and wakes up every single night to find me. The girls recently got a bunk bed and most mornings the three of them plus me and the cat wake up in there together. All on the bottom bunk. Maybe we should have just got a king sized bed for them. She has incredible will power and can be very stubborn. She is selective in who she loves, but when she does love you it's a very fierce love. She is very funny. She often enters a room exclaiming, "Hello people! I'm here." Only Marissa.

Makayla. She is such a sweet little girl. Super smart as well and ready for Kindergarten. She is big on trying to trick people and see if she gets caught. Considering most people can't tell the girls apart, this could be bad in a few years! She is a bit more laid back than her sister and likes everyone she meets. She talks about getting married all the time, I think more to see my reaction than anything, and claims to have several boyfriends at school. She also loves preschool and loves her teachers and friends. The sport she is wanting to select as of now is gymnastics or softball. So we will see when it's time which one she goes with. Makayla is always smiling and hugging someone. She loves to learn and is a very smart little girl. She picks up on things so fast. At times she can be sassy, but nothing compared to her sister. She can run very fast. She says they have races at school and she always beats everyone. It wouldn't surprise me. I think she will follow in Marley's footsteps of being very athletic and coordinated. Overall, she is just a really sweet, good kid.

Jack. Jack Attack! Huuuuuge on personality. Huge on smiles. Huge on popularity. Not much has changed! We walk into school every morning and kids from every class are calling out "Jack Attack!" He's got girls wanting to marry him and so many friends who just love him. He's definitely Mr. Popular. He is still in a separate class from his sisters and it has worked out so well. His two best friends are in his class with him and he just loves that boy time. He comes home completely filthy but happy as can be. He has really taken off this second half of school and is ready for Kindergarten. He still loves Ninja Turtles though he is finally starting to show interest in other things as well, such as Rescue Bots and Wild Kratts. He has really outgrown his sisters in height, but is still a string bean who won't eat anything. He is wanting to play baseball. If I can get all 3 of them on a team together at the same field as Marley, that would make my life much less hectic! He is such a happy guy all the time. He is definitely the easiest to please of the three and not much upsets him. He plays really well by himself and has his own bedroom now! He still ends up in his sisters' bed most nights but he loves having his own personal space. He is full of energy all of the time, hates sitting still for very long and such a "boy" but he sure is a charmer.

So, there you go. That's the quick update on the 4 Boucher kids. We have a lot of things coming up....triplets turning 5, VPK graduation, summer, Marley turning 8.......so I'll try to keep this thing updated better. We will see....


  1. When did our babies get so big?! I still can't believe we are getting ready to have Kindergarteners :'(

  2. I can't either. And an almost 3rd grader!! :(

  3. I still think back when you told me you were pregnant with Marley and then with the others! How time flies! You have become a wonderful Mother!